Frosch in Denmark

Frosch in Denmark

Ecological Cleanliness in your home

Frosch is a pioneer brand in the development of ecological products that was born in 1986 in Germany. The Frosch brand was created from the start with the mission of caring for people and the planet. Our ecological products have been present in Denmark since the early 90's.

Our goal is to develop products that combine the natural power of cleaning with the highest degree of environmental protection. Eco-friendly cleaning in 100% recycled & recyclable bottles, formulas with natural ingredients and no microplastics.

European Leader in Eco-cleaning products

The Frosch brand is present in different cleaning categories, such as Fabric Care, Dish Washing and Household Cleaning. Frosch products are gentle on the skin, based on natural ingredients and are sold in innovative recycled bottles – which is good for our planet.

Ecolabel logo


The European ecological label or Ecolabel is issued by a public body and takes into account the entire life cycle of the product, from production to recycling or disposal after use. It is reliable, independent and guarantees that the certified product is at least as effective as an equivalent traditional (non-ecological) product. All eligible Frosch products have received an Ecolabel certification.

Cradle to Cradle

Frosch is Cradle to Cradle certified. The objective of the Cradle to Cradle certification is to design products that comply with the circular economy; that is, they are broken down, recycled and reintegrated into the environment after use. The Cradle to Cradle philosophy is based on a closed loop design. The objective is to counter the concept of linear production "from cradle to grave", in which so much material is wasted by not taking into account the protection of natural resources in the long term.

Frosch in Denmark
How to remove grease from your pots and pans
How to remove grease from your pots and pans

For particularly stubborn soiling, it can be helpful to soak the pan for a while first. But 20 to 60 minutes should be enough. And there is no need to fill the pan to the brim with water, because the problem is just the bottom, not the whole pan. Dishwahsing liquid and lukewarm water are enough to loosen the burnt food from the bottom of the pan. This saves energy and water.

Now use a powerful dishwashing liquid again, such as the Dishwashing Liquid Green Lemon from Frosch, and a steel wool sponge or brush. Now you can tackle the stubborn burnt food on the bottom of the pan. Put a small amount of the dishwashing liquid on the bottom of the pan, wet the steel wool sponge and loosen the dirt. A small amount is sufficient here. The powerful dishwashing liquid combined with the steel wool removes grease and burnt food in no time at all. Rinse your pan with cold water, clean the outside and dry it thoroughly to avoid limescale and water marks.

Easy window cleaning – no stress, no streaks
Easy window cleaning – no stress, no streaks

What do you need for streak-free windows?

  • A bucket of water
  • A lint-free cloth
  • A soft, absorbent sponge
  • A window squeegee
  • A cleaning product with the power to dissolve grease, such as Frosch Hand Dishwashing Green Lemon
  • Glass Cleaner, such as Frosch Glass Cleaner Spirit

3 simple steps on how to get your windows sparkling clean:

1. First clean the frames with a damp sponge and an extra dose of Frosch Hand Dishwashing Green Lemon

2. It's the glass's turn: Use Frosch Glass Cleaner Spirit to clean your windows without leaving streaks

3. The glossy finish: dry the glass with a clean and dry glass cleaner squeegee, from the upper left corner, in wavy lines.

Banish Grease and Dirt: Effortless Kitchen Cleaning
Banish Grease and Dirt: Effortless Kitchen Cleaning

Welcome to the heart of the home, where memories are made, and delicious meals are prepared. Forsch understands the importance of a clean and inviting kitchen space. That is why we are proud of our range of kitchen cleaners. From stubborn grease and dirt to frustrating food stains and odors, our specially formulated products are tough on dirt yet gentle on surfaces, ensuring your countertops and appliances to stay immaculate without any damage.

The Frosch Grease Remover Grapefruit powerfully removes stubborn grease and dirt. It provides intensive cleanliness for almost all washable surfaces, especially in the kitchen, yet also being ideal for cleaning the oven and grill and is safe to use in the food zone.

To use, spray on, allow a short time to take effect, and wet wipe clean. If necessary, polish the surface with a dry cloth.

And always remember: Accurate dosing helps to save energy, reduces water usage and water pollution.

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