Frosch in Ukraine

Frosch in Ukraine

Frosch for clean oceans, rivers and lakes

Recycling plastic bottles – thanks to Frosch

9 million tons of plastic are dumped into the world's oceans every year. That’s enough to cover big cities ten (and even more) times.

We at Werner & Mertz, the manufacturer of the Frosch eco-brand, together with our distribution partner Rektis would like to contribute to faster and more positive change. Since 2014, we have been using plastic bottles for the production of our detergents and cleaning products made from 100% used plastic, 50% of the collected PET packaging comes from European households, for example the so called yellow bags in Germany. So far, we have introduced more than 390 million of such recyclate PET bottles to the market and saved more than 15,000 tons of virgin PET.


Frosch - Cleaning with the power of nature

- Ecological cleaning products since 1986

- Made in Germany

- 100% recycled & 100% recyclable plastic bottles

The world is getting smaller while the population is increasing, so we have to take better care of it. Already back in 1986, the German brand Frosch started developing a broad range of highly effective, eco-freindly cleaning products for your home and family. They are gentle on the skin, based on natural ingredients, and sold in innovative recycled packaging – which is good for our planet!

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Frosch Aloe Vera 2 L detergent
Frosch for fresh feel-good laundry

Our skin is a miracle of nature. It repairs itself and protects the body from external influences. However, people with sensitive skin often suffer from allergic reactions and itching. This makes it all the more important for clothes to be soft and cuddly and feel comfortable against the skin. The right choice of detergent plays an important role here. With the skin-friendly Frosch Aloe Vera Sensitive detergent you are in safe hands. The Frosch Aloe Vera Sensitive detergent is made from a particularly skin-friendly formula, which is well tolerated by people with allergies and sensitive skin and by babies. It does not contain any colourings or preservatives and is hypoallergenic, which means it contains no ingredients that cause allergies. Dermatological tests have confirmed that the detergent is well tolerated by the skin.

Tips & tricks for sensitive skin
Tips & tricks for sensitive skin

1. Carefully remove any labels that may rub against the skin before wearing.

2. Wash new clothes at least once before wearing.

3. Pay attention to the ingredients of a detergent: choose mildly scented detergents if possible (without allergens), detergents that are without preservatives, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

4. When it comes to dosing, follow the manufacturer's instructions and do not use too much.

5. Use fabric softeners. They smoothen out the textile fibres and thus reduce friction on the skin.

The perfect laundry result in 10 steps
The perfect laundry result in 10 steps

1. Sort laundry by material, cleaning needs and colour.

2. Pay attention to the washing and care symbols on the sewn-in labels.

3. Pre-treat laundry with stain removers - this means you can skip the pre-wash cycle, which is good for the environment.

4. Load washing machine leaving one hand’s width of space at the top of the drum.

5. Select wash cycle according to basic laundry type: hot wash, coloureds, easy-care, delicates or wool.

6. Washing temperature up to 60°C is sufficient for clean laundry.

7. Choose detergent based on material (colour detergent for coloureds, heavy-duty detergent for whites, mild and wool detergent for delicates and wool, etc.).

8. Choose amount of detergent based on manufacturer’s instructions.

9. Add fabric softener for soft, fragrant laundry

10. Use the tumble dryer as little as possible, place particularly sensitive materials wet on a laundry rack and air the room regularly.