Frosch in the US

Frosch in the US


Frosch - Cleaning with the power of nature

- Ecological cleaning products since 1986

- Made in Germany

- 100% recycled & 100% recyclable plastic bottles

The world is getting smaller and with more people on it, we have to take better care. Back in 1986, the German brand Frosch has already started developing a broad range of highly effective, eco-friendly cleaning products for your home and your family. They are skin-friendly, contain natural ingredients and innovative recycled packaging - they are also good for our planet!


NEW: Frosch Zero%

NEW: Frosch Zero%

Frosch Zero% is especially developed for people with very sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. All Zero% products are dermatologically tested and have NO perfumes, NO colorants and are hypoallergenic. Furthermore, all products are vegan and microplastic free.

Frosch Zero% dishwashing liquid offers allergy-friendly cleaning for spotless and shiny dishes and rinses off completely without residuals. The formula contains urea for sensitive and dry hands. Therefore, it maintains the moisture balance of the skin and protects against dehydration.

Frosch Zero% liquid detergent is an allergy-friendly laundry care for white and colored textiles. It is suitable for laundry at temperatures between 68 °F and 203 °F. The sensitive formula with skin-protecting urea ensures a powerful and gentle washing performance and gives a pleasant skin feeling whilst wearing the washed clothes. In addition, the product is free of preservatives.

Frosch Zero% fabric softener straightens textile fibers of clothes, towels and sheets to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Especially the sensitive formula with skin protecting urea provides a pleasant skin feeling when wearing the washed clothes. In addition, Frosch Zero% softener is free of preservatives.